Dirty New Media Projects

all projects/descriptions by Dom Barra

Red Link District
Red Link District is a new aesthetics and perception/depiction of pornography inspired by the internet and digital media “dirtiness”.

Pirate Porno Material
These collections of works are a “partial” (dirty) artistic record of the kind of pornographic material available online aiming to rise discussions on politics, economy and aesthetics of contemporary sex depiction with a focus on online pornography.

Prinsexxx Jasmine
Web page tribute to the kingdom/harem of sex chats and its queens. Queens of your fantasies, queens of your dreams, queens of your screens. The words that shape the talks, the music and dance of seduction. Welcome to the world of Prinsexxx_Jasmine...enjoy it BB!

A picture is never private
A picture is never private (anymore)….Adding artistic value to rise awareness about leaked private sexy moments in a world of clouds and hackers/paparazzi.

Framing Her
"There she is, a child, a beggar and a queen…" A poem and images to celebrate the life of a girl.

There is filth on the screen! In a contemporary digital/web scene where a lot of art is based on appropriations via screenshots and "save image...", this project is based on the experimentation of reproducing web contents using a scanner to copy porn .gif from various online sources.

A body without a head is like a file without its data. This project is inspired by a new trend in amateur online pornography where girls capture photo depictions of themselves leaving out their heads, the physical feature that defines our identity. The real QUESTIONS might aswell be; who is the real person behind those pics? is there really a girl? or a troll? or a girl wannabe? or infamous porn revenge?


Dirty New Media
jonCates, Shawné Michaelain Holloway + Domenico Dom Barra thinking/feeling a way life, the material fabric of this way && the ways in which we hyperweave our Dirty New Media lifefabric, known by various names such as Noise, Artifacts, Glitch, etc...